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Benefits of Meditation, Healing

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 Mindfulness, Meditation and Healing



Calmer Kids is a programme designed to help children pause and consider who they are, and how they are feeling emotionally, in a safe and relaxing environment.

Children often don’t get the opportunity to self-reflect; they respond to issues quickly, without thought. Their naïve response of course, is to over-react to certain situations, rather than to pause and deal with their emotions calmly. This natural reaction can, with some children, lead to confusion and behavioural problems.

With a carefully designed programme, Calmer Kids offers children the chance to breathe, take time out and build a relationship with themselves. In turn, this calming effect reinstates their self-control and self-choice, ultimately allowing them to manage their emotions and understand themselves better.

Our sessions are conducted in a safe environment where children can explore their senses, calm their minds and have the opportunity to ‘talk’, through a series of guided meditation, focus sessions and mindfulness.

Calmer Kids also teaches children strategies to cope with issues in their lives and help them move to 'living without fear'. Using affirmations, children can choose an area they would like to strengthen over the week, in a positive way.

The ultimate goal of the Calmer Kids programme, is to enable children to apply learnt strategies in order to cope with stressful situations and anxieties. Calmer Kids helps children to learn about themselves, begin living their lives more happily and increase their self-esteem, empowering them to effectively manage their behaviour. Calmer-Kids increases their emotional literacy.