All About Me

My name is Alison Grey, I am a mother of 4 and am a primary school teacher with 19 years’ experience, 11 of these have been gained working as a teacher/Base Leader in a Speech and Language Base in Harpenden. ​Over the years, I have taught many children who have experienced stress and anxiety in their lives and I have worked to help them deal with their emotions.  In trying to help these children, I enrolled on a ‘Teaching Meditation’ course.  This inspired me to devise a program which would link my teaching experience, with my enthusiasm for meditation, relaxation techniques and healing.

​​​​​​Today, children live in a faster, more controlled and demanding world.  They are more aware of the pressures surrounding them and many witness things they should not. Children are wanting to and are expected to grow up too quickly and this impacts the way they deal with their emotions.  For some children, this results in feelings of stress and anxiety.  Children are usually unable to manage their stress and anxieties and it is often the resulting behaviours that indicate their inner emotions. Identifying stress and anxiety is only the tip of the iceberg, dealing with these emotions can be complex for different reasons. Managing stress is the way forward.  Helping children to deal with such sensitive emotions can change their lives and allow them to remain calm, in control, be focused and simply allowing them to ‘breathe’.

Calmer-Kids’ is a program which identifies the feelings of stress and anxiety and encourages children to deal with their emotions, in a safe environment.  It teaches them strategies through meditation and breathing techniques, to cope with their difficulties and move towards living without fear.  Essentially, ‘Calmer-Kids’ is a program which helps support children to regain control of themselves, in a positive way. 

My mission is to help children discover their inner calm, to look within and find peace. This will boost self-esteem, aid concentration and help them to become more positive.


Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

Upcoming Events in Chipping Norton

​​Weekly Meditation

*Monday: 7.30 - 9.30pm


Story Massage Group

*Monday and Wednesdays: 4pm – 5pm

 Healing Sessions

Thursday & Friday : 10 am - 2pm


Please contact me for availability .  I can always start new groups and I aim to fit around you.

* I am DBS checked and hold a DSP certificate so can teach these classes in primary schools.