Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

 6 week courses


Through the 1 hour session I  will guide the children through breathing and relaxation techniques, meditations and they will explore their emotions through their senses.​ The children will choose affirmations, receive healing (Reiki, Rahanni, crystal, colour and sound) and take part in a simple yoga flow.


* Boost self-esteem, aids concentration and helps children to become more positive.

* Happier, calmer and relaxed.

* Helps children to develop an understanding of themselves and of others, improving friendships and relationships.

* Able to make better decisions.


Monday 25th February

@ 5 - 6pm


The Yoga Rooms

Bridge Street

OX28 1YH


​£ 36

(£6 per session)

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring some water