Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness


The energy and nature of gemstones is universal energy.  When our energy systems breakdown, e.g, under stress, crystal energy can help to rebalance us.

Crystal healing is a gentle, yet powerful, providing support to the body's own internal healing system.  Crystals are beneficial for everyone, however children are particularly drawn to these wonderful stones.  They help both our physical and emotional states and  are gorgeous to work with.

How do crystals work?

If you hold a crystal in your hand, you may be able to feel it vibrate. This is due to the energy within them.  Other people feel tingling, scratching sensation, burning or simply just feel more positive as the crystal is having a physical effect, balancing and realigning atoms in our body.

The huge energy put into the creation of crystals transforms into power for healing.  Holding one of these gifts of nature, allowing it to resonate with our own energies and allowing it to assist us in our healing, shows us just what powers crystals have.  Subtle but effective!