Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

What is Meditation?

The only relationship is with yourself!

There are many different types of meditation techniques, some help to still the mind, others take you on a journey.

When we are still, we begin to feel our body and our sense become heightened.  Being still, encourages us to breathe and it sends a message to our brain to ‘heal.’

Concentrating on our breath helps us to focus, to remain in the present and breathing properly helps increase oxygen to the brain, giving us a surge of energy. 

When we are not breathing correctly, and most of us are not, we are supressing our emotions.  Holding our breath and locking it away creates layer upon layer of built up emotions. When we hold our breath, it tells the brain to fight or flight, sending a rush of adrenaline around our body and all this adrenaline builds up and hence we become stressed.  Too much stress creates ‘sickness’ and our bodies start to shut down.  We become ill or depressed as a result.

Meditation is a state of consciousness in which a person goes within to ‘listen’ and ‘observe’ what is happening in their own body.  Meditation will help you to study yourself and see how and why you respond to emotions.  It helps you to see the beauty in our world and have a deeper appreciation of our relationships.

Although it is not connected to any religion, most religions practise meditation in some way.