It has taken a while but I have finally chosen 7 meditations which I think you will enjoy.

The guided journeys are for children aged between 5 and 12 with 2 extra bonus tracks without vocals so that you can fly, walk or magically transport yourself to your own special places. 

£7 (including p&p)

Affirmations and Crystal Healing Cards

Affirmations are positive statements repeated over and over again to ourselves. These positive statements are then picked up by our sub-consciousness in the brain which releases chemicals related to that emotion. Therefore, the effectiveness of positive affirmations lie with linking them to our emotions and noting how good we feel when we believe them as true. Repeating positive statements several times a day, with the added use of visualisation and goal settling, can encourage and support us in turning negative comments around and changing the way we think. 

Crystal carry their own beautiful healing properties and are amazing healing stones.

There are 12 affirmation, crystal healing cards which link emotions, affirmations, crystals and healing all together. They are simple to use and small enough to carry with you. On the top of each card there is an emotion, I have chosen 12 which I feel are the most commonly felt amongst us on a daily basis. Connected to each emotion is a crystal which will either help clear the emotion, protect you against them or bring about encouragement to help you overcome them.  Written in blue is an affirmation which is linked to the emotion and help you overcome the feeling. The writing in green is a healing visualisation or technique which you can do anywhere.Together they work in perfect harmony to bring about a positive change and balance. 

It's Here!

£8.99 - cards only

£15.00 - with the 12 crystals

*Both include p&p

A Little Bag of Healing Crystals

​Topics - stress, anxiety, grief, anger, worries, balance, friendships, calm, concentration, happiness, positive mindset

These little bags of healing crystals come with the crystals needed to help reduce, strengthen or support which ever area is needed.

They come cleansed and charged with Reiki to enhance the healing potential of each crystal.

The affirmation, said whilst holding the crystals, support and strengthen the intention.

They come in a range of topics, however if there is an area which is not mentioned below, then please contact me and I will happily make you a bespoke bag.

£6.99 (including p&p)

*Please email me if you wish to purchase a Little Bag of Healing Crystals

Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness