Option 1​

​The Calmer Kids programme is taught over 6-8 weeks depending on the individual.  Each 60 minute session starts with a catch-up, based on the affirmations they have been working on from the previous week and any general discussion led by the child.  They will then go through some breathing and relaxation techniques before working on their senses or main focus for the week.  Each week we will build upon their main area of difficulty eg behaviour, anxiety, stress, aggression, preparation for SAT's and a journal is given to each child so that they can record any thoughts, feelings or collect 'ideas' for work undertaken in the latter weeks.  The children then receive a suitable guided meditation, followed by some yoga poses and stretches before receiving healing.  Lastly they choose an affirmation which together we plan how this may help them in the following week.

Individual Programme:  6 weeks


​£25 per session

Option 2

​With the success of Calmer-kids, it can now be adapted to be taught to a small of group with up to 8 children. Each session will have the same structure as above, but the focus will be less on individuals and will be more generalised. However the chosen children will need to have similar difficulties for the group to work and be productive.  This option is designed with schools/groups in mind where children are beginning to display symptoms of stress, anxieties, behavioural problems or those needing to develop their emotional literacy.

Group Programme: 6 weeks


​£36 for 6 weeks

Option 3

Group Meditation: 6 weeks

​(Children only)

An introduction to breathing techniques and managing their breathing. Each week there will be a different focus but the session will follow the same format.  The children will experience both relaxation techniques and guided meditations.  They will learn how to transfer their understanding of mediation so they can enjoy meditating on their own, whenever they feel free to do so.


£36 for 6 weeks

Option 4

​​Story Massage in schools or small groups - See Story Massage section for more information.

Story Massage: 4 weeks


​£10 per session - per child

Option 5

Training for teachers. 

​We will come into your school and work with the children for the day or part of the day, introducing meditation and Story Massage.  We will then stay for INSET training and work with the whole staff so that they feel confident with introducing mindfulness daily into their classrooms.



​Option 6

Healing In Your Own Home

Healing is a gentle but powerful energy which is used to help restore and balance our body’s emotions.
Children need rebalancing from time to time as like adults, they encounter stress, anger or anxiety.  Some children suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, find it difficult to sleep, have problems calming their minds or feel unsafe.

Each session starts with some breathing techniques, a short meditation to calm and relax them, then the healing itself which will be either, Reiki, Rahanni, Crystal or Sound.

The use of a weight blanket is optional.


​£12 per session or £30 for 3 sessions

​Receiving healing regularly has a cumulative effect, getting stronger over time.


Parent and Child Meditation Group - 6 weeks

Over the 6 weeks, I will teach children and parents how to breathe more effectively, relax the body and receive the most out of meditation which is helpful for reducing stress, anxieties, emotional and behavioural difficulties such as anger, frustration, low confidence and low moods. The sessions will incorporate healing through crystals, sound and colour. Healing is a gentle but powerful energy which is used to help restore and balance our body’s energy system.


£36 per person (6 weeks)

If you feel that your child needs something different or a mixture of the programmes, please call me and we can discuss your child's needs.


Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness