Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

Story Massage

​Story Massage was developed by Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper.  It  is a programme where the children learn 8 different strokes which 'massage' their partner on their back whilst they are being told a story.   The benefits of this is endless, however, one key fact is, that it is very calming and relaxing. It helps children to ‘feel’ a story, inspires them and encourages their own story-telling. Story Massage can also be useful for learning facts or processes and help teach ‘social stories’. It's interactive, can increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.  All children can benefit from story massage, it is for all ages and abilities, however it can be adapted for a specific group of children, be carried out in pairs or individually.  In fact,  story massage is a beautiful experience to be enjoyed with your own children.