Mindfulness, Healing and Happiness

Children today are faced with many demands and are under pressure to be 'age-appropriate' in their learning, with the pressure of SAT's and tests.  Whilst this is good academically, more and more children are becoming stressed, anxious and are showing signs of low self-esteem/low-confidence. 

Due to the 'internet' and our fast and demanding society, children are finding it hard to focus and their attention spans have dipped.  There is evidence of poor concentration and children who are ready to 'lash out'. Parents also are becoming concerned about sleeping problem.  This is just a small idea of some of the problems some children are facing today.

Children are rarely 'in the moment' and are always racing around.  Calmer-Kids can offer these children a safe space to do just that, be still, be in the moment and observe what is going in within.

Ways Calmer-Kids can help schools?

1.Help manage children’s behaviour
2.Create a calmer environment
3.Increased focus
4.Increase self-esteem and confidence
5.Encourage positive attitudes to learning and relationships
6.Children become ‘Ready to Learn’
7.Prevention of crisis

​Calmer-Kids will come into your school, we will meet and go through the programme and discuss how we can meet your school's needs.  From there we will devise a bespoke programme, which could be individual or small group.  Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and the course will run for 6 weeks.  This is important in order to establish routine and embed understanding.   It will also enable the children to transfer their knowledge, skills and strategies outside Calmer-Kids.

​We also offer training for teachers so that they can introduce meditation and Story Massage into their classes as a daily practice.  It may even help to elevate the stress of the teaching staff! 

​What about teenagers?  I am qualified to teach meditation within any age range and Calmer-Kids can be adapted to suit all ages and needs. we can discuss the need and focus of the children during the initial consultation.

​Please contact me on 07792289762 or alison.teaches@virgin.net if you have any queries or want to book us.